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November 2019

A year ago, our community came together and spoke out about the ongoing trauma of those detained for more than 6 years in Australia's offshore detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru.

More than 1200 people from the arts industry joined the call to get the women, men and children still then detained on Manus and Nauru brought to safety for the urgent medical care they need.

Following this, the Government announced all children held offshore would be brought to Australia with their families, and in February 2019, the life-saving Medevac bill passed.

Since then it has been doctors, not politicians, determining offshore refugee's medical transfers for treatment. Nevertheless, nearly 500 people remain offshore, after 6 years of offshore detention.

And now, following the election of a new Parliament in May 2019, the Morrison Government is trying to repeal the Medevac law. In a matter of days the Medevac repeal will go to a vote, and it will go down to the wire with the critical Senate votes as yet undecided.

We need to stand up once again, and reiterate the same call we made last year, at this crucial moment in our Parliament.

Kath Shelper and Liz Watts

2018 Open letter

To Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister
To Hon Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Opposition
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten,

We believe, along with the majority of Australians, that the people held in the offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus need to be brought to safety.

They have suffered enough.

For five long years these refugees have been detained and made an example of. Fathers, mothers, toddlers and newborn babies - living behind bars and imprisoned by the sea with no freedom in sight. The conditions are horrific. Twelve people have died during the last five years. Australia's doctors have told us that we face the reality of more deaths if we don't act now.

No matter the problem, this cannot be the answer.

A recent report from Amnesty International and the Refugee Council of Australia called for Australia to end all forms of immigration detention and immediately provide adequate and timely medical care for refugees and asylum seekers. The community sentiment amongst Australians reflects this call – the majority of Australians do not want this situation to continue. Not in their names. Not in our names.

Australia is better than this.

Together we send this message to Parliament, to you who represent us: Please put aside parties and politics. Please, listen to your conscience. After five years of indefinite detention, we must bring these human beings to safety and ensure they receive the medical treatment they need.

We know that no matter who we are or what we do, we can and must use our voice to speak out.

Yours sincerely,

Kath Shelper, Film & TV Producer
Liz Watts, Film & Television Producer
Jacki Weaver AO, Actor
Sam Neill, Actor
Simon Baker
Asher Keddie
Bryan Brown
Jimmy & Jane Barnes
Deborra-lee Furness, Actor
Mia Wasikowska, Actor
Rachel Ward, Director
Paul Kelly, Singer
Rebecca Gibney, Actor
Miranda Tapsell, Actor
Warwick Thornton, Filmmaker
Ben Quilty, Artist
Phoebe Tonkin
Sean Keenan
Kylie Needham, Writer
Jan Chapman, Producer
Deborah Mailman AM, Actor
Jane Campion
Cate Shortland, Director
Wayne Blair, Actor
Rolf de Heer
Molly Reynolds
Penny Chapman, Film Producer
Erik Thomson, Actor
Ray Lawrence
Geoff Morrell
Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Nazeem Hussain, Comedian
Andrew Bovell, Writer
Tony Ayres, Filmmaker
Anousha Zarkesh, Casting Director
Claudia Karvan, Actor & Producer
Angus Mcdonald, Artist/Filmmaker & #KidsOffNauru Ambassador
Sue Milliken
Harriet Dyer
Joel Jackson
Robert Connolly, Filmmaker
Kristina Ceyton, Producer
Patrick Brammall
Nakkiah Lui Actor/Writer
Benjamin Law, Screenwriter, author and journalist
Margaret Pomeranz, Film reviewer
Tony Mott, Photographer
Linda Cropper
Leah Purcell, Actor/Writer/Director
Dr Gene Sherman, Director Of The Sherman Centre For Culture And Ideas
Emile Sherman, Film and Television Producer
Genevieve O'Reilly, Actor
Daniel Henshall, Actor
Libby Sharp, Head Of Production
Rachel Gardner, Producer
Rebecca Hardman, Film and TV Lawyer
Laura Nagy, Director
Kriv Stenders, Film Director
Kevin Whyte, Manager/Producer
Gillian Armstrong
Steve Bastoni, Actor
Jennifer Nau, Executive
Celia Pacquola
Anthony Lapaglia, Actor
Chloe Pryce, Literary Agent Assistant
Candice Thom, Literary Agent
Jan Sardi, Screenwriter
Kirsty Stead, Musician Management
Jane Fullerton, Actress & Writer
Lavanya Pant
Sylvia Warmer, Filmmaker
Anwyn Watkins, Producer's Assistant
Daniel Monks, Actor & Filmmaker
Stevie Cruz-Martin, Film Director
Sam Lyndon
Charlie Cochrane
Lap Phan, Actor
Lynette Wallworth, Director/Artist
Morgan Benson-Taylor, Film Producer
Anna Schwartz, Gallerist
Chiara Costanza, Composer
Glendyn Ivin, Director
Tanya Lee, Comedian
Anne Bruning, Line Producer
Samantha Lang, Filmmaker
Louise Smith, Producer
Sacha Horler, Actor
Paul Goldman, Film Director/Writer
Sullivan Stapleton, Actor
Gia Carides, Actor
Heather Mitchell, Actor
Laura Jones, Screenwriter
Matt Day, Actor/filmmaker
Rodger Corser, Actor
Dion Beebe, Cinematographer
Peter James, Cinematographer
Kylie du Fresne, Producer
Aaron Fa'aoso, Actor/Producer
Andrew Mackie, Distributor & Executive Producer
Sue Barnett, Theatrical Agent
Jacquie Riley, Production Manager
Samantha Lombardo, Production Coordinator
Fiona Pakes
Sheila Jayadev, Producer
Matt Vitins
Jason Burrows, Executive Producer
Patrick Macrae, Writer
Shelly Lauman, Filmmaker
Emma-Jane Dann, Office Manager
Vincent Sheehan, Film and TV Producer
Leah Churchill-Brown, Producer
Garth Davis, Director
Jennifer, Peedom Filmmaker
Richard Payten, Film Distributor
Harry Walsh
Anita Sheehan, Executive Producer
Damon Gameau
John Tummino, Filmmaker
Sarah Lambert, Writer
Fenella Henderson-Zuel
Melanie Smith
Alex George, Producer
Tracy Ellis
Lynne Mccarthy, Writer
Daniel Nettheim, Director
Lucy Hayes, Producer
Alice Grant
Greg Wood, Film-maker
Mic Gruchy, Artist
Rachel Knowles, Manager, Film TV Post Production
Rachel Higgins
Shay Spencer
W Connolly
Tom Campbell, Director
Adrian Auld, Production coordinator
Matthew Soulos
Nico Gregory, Directors Assistant
Amy Powter
Helen Panckhurst, Film & Television Producer
Jonathan Reyes, Animator
Nina Stevenson, Solicitor
Lale Teoman, Writer Jason Christou, Writer/Director
Neil Sharma, Film/tv director
Brendan Campbell, Line Producer
Ben Zannoni
Victoria Madden, Writer/Producer
Duncan Gordon
Anne Zahalka, Artist
Grace Hayes
Haylee Poppi, Junior Producer
Lisa Meagher, Costume Designer
Penelope Harrold, Writer
Kate Halpin, Director & Filmmaker
Alice Bell, Screenwriter
Martha Coleman
Mike Cowap, Producer
Leah James, Producer
Chloe Rickard, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Producer
Michael Matrenza, Marketing
Sophie Hyde, Filmmaker
Jeremy Saunders, Key Art and Title Designer
Dave Human, Writer
Amanda Higgs, Producer
Julia Leigh
kelli x, Writer/Director
Mark O'Toole, Writer/Producer
Rebecca Annetts
Jane Cameron, Agent
Lauren Edwards, Producer
Lily Davis, Editor
Richard Mcgrath, Filmmaker
Anny Mokotow, Dramaturg
Kali Reid
Stephen Boyle
Declan Blackall
Nick Sinclair, Lawyer
Sarah Lang, Development Executive
Kerrie McGovan
Max Sharkey, Assistant Director
Adam Hunt, Sound Designer
Debbie Lee, Producer
Matteo Zingales, Composer
Simon Morris, Cinematographer
Jemma Burns
Jenny Lalor, Entertainment Lawyer
Geraldine Mckenna, Documentary researcher/producer
Nicholas Wrathall, Filmmaker
Ann Churchill-Brown
Erin Keneally, Agent
Emma Bortignon
Andrew Lancaster, Director
Jonathan Page, Distribution & Production
Greta Bridekirk
Jo-anne McGowan, Producer
David Jowsey, Film maker
Genevieve Clay-Smith, Filmmaker
Jane Bridekirk, Production Manager
Zilla Turner, Theatrical agent
Liz Doran, Screenwriter
Belinda Chayko, Writer
Alix Lee, Writer
Emmanuelle Mattana, Actor
Russell Porter
Sophie Fosdick-McGrath
Bethany Ryan
Rachel Davis, Producer
Libby Sinclair
Jed Palmer, Composer
Blake Ayshford, Writer
Victoria Garrett, Director
Anni Browning
Bridget Ikin, Producer
Louisa Myers, TV Business Affairs
Ian Meadows, Writer & Actor
Corrie Chen, Filmmaker
Eddie Thorne, Assistant Director
Michael Whalley, Actor
Lee Walsman, Actor
Gina Roncoli, Writer
Pascal Babare, Composer
Alicia Clements, Designer
Leyla Varela, Producer
Lachie Pringle, Actor
Martin Crewes, Actor
Bec Bignell, Actor, Writer & Producer
Geraldine Hakewill, Actor
Jack Crumlin, Actor
James Hewison
Christen O'Leary, Actor
Damian Walshe-Howling, Actor/writer/Director
Margaret Morgan, Novelist & Screenwriter
Nicole Hayes, Writer
Robyn Evans, Writer
Verity Hunt-Ballard, Actor
Alyse Lloyd
Tim Coronel, General Manager, Small Press Network
Andrew Stafford, Author & writer
Jo Hansen, Lecturer
Jules Wilkinson, Writer
Joanna Mendelssohn, Writer
Michael Adams, Writer
Reezy Miller, Post Production Script Producer
Jacquelin Perske
Katrina Barker, Editor
Greer Simpkin, Producer
Stuart Boydell, Musician
Coeli Cutcliffe, Film and TV Development
Gareth Williams, Writer
Bali Padda, Actor, Producer, Development Executive
Matthew Predny, Actor
Chris Hernandez, Artist
Mark Smith, Writer
Kerry Walker, Actor
Andrew Le Roy, Writer
Jarrah Gurrie, Editor
A.H. Cayley, Writer and broadcaster
Edie-Louise Diemar
Jacqui Taffel, Arts journalist
Harry Cook, Actor
Shan Jay, Television Editor
Philippa Bateman, Producer/Writer
Miranda Nation, Writer and Director
David Woodhead, Writer
Louise Fox, Writer/Producer
Tess Hutley, Producer/Researcher
Leilani Croucher, Director
Matthew Barber, Film Producer
Xanthe Heubel, Costume designer
Stacey Matovina
Lara Van Raay, Filmmaker
Hannah Hilliard, Filmmaker
Chloe Dallas
Sam Jones, Graphic Designer
Scott Lovelock, Assistant director - film industry
Frances Butler, Producer
Fiona Tuomy, Filmmaker
Nora Niasari, Filmmaker
Kathryn Judd, Casting Director
David Michôd
Jamie Livingstone, Documentarian
Carolyn Macdonald
Christina Alvarez
Katerina Mitropoulos, Producer
Holly Alexander, Writer
Marie-Therese Byrne, Actor & Singer
Shauna Wolifson
Asha Holmes, Publicist
Matthew Cormack, Screenwriter
Miranda Dear, Producer
Victoria Sullivan, Script Supervisor
Tanya Green, Community Radio Producer
Kailei Ginman, Agent
Andrena Finlay, Producer
Janet Matthison
Kate O'Connell
Victoria Morgan, Screenwriter
Alison Telford, Casting Director
Warren Ellis, Musician
Elly Baxter, Publicist
Sylvia Reynolds
Sadie Chrestman
Lynne Murphy
Fiona Wright, Writer
Jane Caro, Writer
Pia Miranda
Louise Gough, Developer
Anne-Louise, Sarks Theatre Director
Joseph Gallo, Entrepreneur
Drazenka Floyd
Georgia Wilson, Arts Fundraiser
Robert Sullivan
Jonathan Duncan, Producer
Sian Luxford, Actor
Kate Leonard, Casting director
Reezy Miller, Post Production Script Producer
Suzanne Ryan, Executive Producer
Rebecca Massey, Actress
Penny Smallacombe, Funder
Sheree Mirabito, Actor
Marilyn Schroeder
Joseph Shrimpton, Videographer
Noel Hodda, Actor/Playwright
Lysette Emerson, Actor
Linda Gale
Amie Kaufman, Author
Barbara Lowing, Actor
Johnboy Davidson, Technical Manager
Samuel Faull, Assistant Director
Jo Briscoe, Designer
Simone-Maree Dixon, Actor
Briar-Wren, Brand-Adams
John Martin
Justin Smith, Actor
Monica O'Brien, Producer
Adam Jeffrey, Writer
Dany Cooper, Editor
Nikki Gooley, Makeup & Hair Designer
Jonathan Turner, Actor/Director/Writer
Carly Findlay
Josephine Burford, Theatre-maker
Belinda Bradley, Writer
Deb Leonard, Lawyer
Tania Nehme, Editor
Alan Flower, Actor
David Garner
Nicole Robinson, Stage Manager
Vanessa Benson, State Manager
Sophie Parr, lawyer
Nathan Straker, Actor
Anne McCaffery, Actor
Kassie Mckenzie, Student
Victor Monk, Screenwriter
Simone Kessell, Actor
Richard Armstrong
Pauline Gracce, Actor/Nurse
Niki Owen
Melissa Lucas, Author
Jo Boag, Director
Andrew Goldsmith, Director
Beth Hayward, Production Coordinator
Jessica Magro, Producer
Elizabeth Kelly, Producer
Robyn Clancy, Actor
Melva Gilbert, Finance
Felix Jozeps, Actor
Bernadette Rheinberger, Finance
Victoria Bremner, Actor
Helen Pandos, Agent
Mark Rogers, Photographer
Claire Deak, Musician
Jane Haley, Arts Manager
Ruth Horsfall, Stage Manager
Daphne Paris, Teacher and Mentor Screen Industry
Paul Wiegard, Film Distributor
Miriam Sved, Writer
Bonnie Sveen, Actress
Sally Riley
Melissa Lee Speyer, Writer
Anna Kojevnikov, Producer
Liv H, Actor
Ian Ferrington Michaelis, Actor
Emma Lung, Actor
Imogen Tyers
Lucia Smyrk, Actor
Tyler Coppin
Kitty Green, Filmmaker
Shaun Grant, Writer
Harry Avramidis, Executive
Margaret Parkes, Director/Producer
Lynn-Maree Danzey, Director
Matt Campbell, Producer
Bonnie Moir, Filmmaker
Den Duncan-Watt, Screenwriter
Christie Fearns, Designer
Christina Andreef, Filmmaker
Melanie Brunt, Producer
Kirsty Stark, Producer
Mia Perry, Talent Agent
Ryan Grogan, Musician
Ben Lawrence, Director
Holly Austin, Actor
Georgia Quinn , Filmmaker
Gia Frino, Writer / Producer
Leonie Marsh, Producer
Nicole O'Donohue, Producer
Matthew Dabner, Writer/Producer
Felicity Mashuro
Noni Couell, Filmmaker
Emma Jackson, Actor
Lucy Gaffy, Director
Simeon Bryan, Teacher
Daniel Fletcher
Rogan Brown, Actor & Film producer
Brendan Toole , Filmmaker & teacher
Colin Fletcher
Emma Keane
Ann Beauchamp, Production Designer
Belinda McClory, Actor
Sara Wiseman, Actor
Erika Todd
Cameron Bruce, Musician
Jane Murphy, Art director
Elly Kamal, Costume Supervisor
Bec Cubitt
Isabella Stanhope, Technical Trainee
Clare Bowen, Artist
Bronte Rose, Producer
Philippa Campey, Producer
Anna Agusti
Kai Wasikowski, Artist
Jasper Garner Gore, Actor/Writer
Rosie Braye, Producer and Publicist
Kate Stone
Tracie Filmer
EO Gill
Jamy Zink
Sandra Walters, Producer
Nicole Delprado, Screen Writer
Helen Evans, Artist
Michael Hill, Producer
Tracey Mair, Marketing
Bentley Dean, Filmmaker
Deborah Eldred, Art Director
Jan Goldfeder, Arts Management
Stephanie King, Actor & producer
Jessica Tovey, Actor
Sarah Woods, Actor
Niki Hamilton, TV Producer
Cathy Amies, Production Coordinator
Alex Mathews, Agent
Kerrie Ryan, Agent
Tony Krawitz, Director
Joanna Werner, Producer
Samantha Watson-Wood
Clare Shervington, Production Manager
Kirsten Tranter, Writer
Matthew Lilley
Jane Negline, Publicist
Jessica Clarke-Nash, Cinematographer
Sonia Whiteman
Kay Pavlou
Eve Foreman
Christine Cheung, Editor
Billie Pleffer, Writer & Director
Laura Gordon, Actor
Valerie Etienne
Nick Meyers, Film Editor
Kimie Tsukakoshi, Actor
Jacqueline Kelso
Lyn Norfor, Film producer
Sophie Miller
Cait Storr
Ana Della Rocca, Actor
Roland Gallois, Editor
Bernadette Brennan, Writer
Maya Newell, Director
Edwina Stuart
Robert Gadsbey, Administrative Assistant
Charles Williams, Film Writer, Director
Raquel Caballero, Librarian
Kylie Mascord, Producer
Rosemary Blight, Film Producer
Lachlan Woods, Actor
Josh Vines, Literary Agent
Eleanora Steiner, Production Designer
Rebecca Fisher, Screenwriter
Tracy Le Cornu, Gallerist
Ruth Morris, Producer
Ben Grant, Producer
Emma Jensen , Writer
Robert Coleby
Nic Godoy, Screen Industry Executive
Sarah Freeman, Producer
Gita Irwin, Filmmaker
Gabby Decandia, Production designer
Rebecca Sutherland, Promoter
Belle Blamey
Jonathan auf der Heide, Filmmaker
Rebecca Vallis
Kirsty Fisher
Pete Baxter, Production designer
Remy Hii, Actor
Timothy Jones , Actress
Brita McVeigh, Dramaturg
Rhianna Walcott, Gallerist
Caitlin Gibson, Producer
Katie Baker, Content producer
Emily Richardson, Actor
Danny Cohen
Dan Spielman, Actor
Kate Box, Actor
Justin Brickle, Cinematographer
Lynda Morgan, Writer
Aviva Tuffield, Publisher
Rachael Blake, Actor
Catherine Knapman
Heidi Seltmann, Artist & Teacher
Murray Barker, Architect
Annabelle Johnson, Editor
Brian Grogan, Safety supervisor
Bridgit Moran, Visual Arts Engagement Manager
Katherine Slattery, Development Exec
Elli Walsh
Lisa McCune, Actor
Nadine Garner, Actor
Ali Yeldham, Art Gallerist
John Maynard, Producer
Belinda Davis, International Sales, Filmmaker
Anna Phillips, Actress
Annabel Duckworth-Smith, Writer
Nashen Moodley, Film Festival Director
Jennifer Jones
Felix Williamson, Actor/writer
Peter Wilson, Artist
Meg O'Connell, Producer
Linda C Tizard , Screen business manager
Edward Donovan, Location Manager
Tanya Ali, Broadcaster
Anna Marie, Pitman Producer
Erin McBean, Producer
Anthony Hayes, Actor
Fiona Nix
Kylie Muller
Phil Jones
Leigh Small
Jeremy Rouse , Cinematographer
Michael Lynch, Artist Management
Courtney Gibson, Screen agency CEO
Helen Lovelock, Business Affairs Manager
Jo Ford, Film Production Designer
Alexandra Taussig
Marilen Tabacco
Chris Rudkin
Antony Partos, Composer
Corrie Soeterboek, Film Tv Services
Dayne Kelly, Literary Agent
David Hirschfelder, Composer
Kate Rice, Writer
Georgia Shepherd, Arts Worker
Philip Nery
Richard Kuipers, Writer/Producer
Dan Palm Music, Publisher
Tara Ryan
Kalliope Rice
Fiona Crombie
Ginny Stein, Film Maker
Harriet Mckern, Director
Julianne Schultz, Writer
Helen Bowden, Producer
Andrew Johnson, Camera Operator - Film
Glen Johnson, Set Decorator
Tess Novak
Sascha Huckstepp
Steve Rodgers, Actor/Playwrite
Sharon Connolly
Anna Dadic, Producer
Megan Simpson, Writer
Liz Hynard Crew, Booking Agent
Tom Hoffie, Producer
Megan Mcmurchy, Producer
Julie Kalceff, Scriptwriter
Karen Johnson, Editor
Matt Reeder, Producer
Christopher Turner, Assistant Director
Linda Sapier, Production Manager
Johnny Greally, Producer
Gillian Leahy, Filmmaker
Margot Wilson, Costume Designer
Gloria Ajenstat, Actor
Madeleine Pike, Producer
Katrina Sedgwick, Museum Director
Julia Overton, Film Worker
Jane Manning, Director, Writer
L Aronson, Script Supervisor
Lucinda Cowden, Actor
Vanessa Brown
Michi Marosszeky, Director
Edwina Hayes, Visual Effects Producer
Jessica Hobbs, Director
Mandy Mccarthy, Writer
Chryssy Tintner, Film Maker
Bronwyn Rennex
Euan Keddie
Mark Mitchell, Composer
Jyoti Mukherjee, Actor
Erica Silbersher, Creative Producer
Greg Denning, Film Distributor
Donald Crombie, Retired Director
Tiffany-jayne Martin
Veronica Gleeson, Writer/Producer
Daniel Scharf, Producer/Agent
Thomas Murphy, Playwright And Screenwriter
Harriet Dixon-smith
Melissa Beauford, Produced
Jenni Tosi Managing, Director
Imogen Gardam, Producer
Rita Carmody, Costume Designer
Kevin Scott, Director Of Photography
Rod Moss
Cassandra Simpson, Production Manager & Co-ordinator
Garfield Darlington
Russell Porter
Jason Faulkner, First Assistant Director
Adam Wareham, Assistant Director
Amelia Ashton, Actor
Mike Baard, Executive
Jamie Stewart, Actor
Darin Berlin, 1st Ad
Anastasia Graham, Makeup Artist
Lucy Hill, Distributor
Sarah Hadley, Director
Mia Falstein-Rush, Film Programmer
Davide Carra
Sally Eccleston, Camera Crew
Kate Murphy, Artist
Elise Mccredie, Screenwriter
Kate Richter
Pete Volich, Artist
Mike Green, Filmmaker
Alison Bell Actor, Writer, Producer, Director
James Grandison, Line Producer
Elizabeth Connolly
Craig Hall, Actor
Marie Baring
Andrew Taylor, Filmmaker & Academic
Liesje Clement, Designer
Andrew Jackson, Vfx Supervisor
Bob Weis, Film Maker
Kate Blackmore, Artist/Filmmaker
Sam Teliga, 1st Ac
Rodrigo Balart, Editor
Nina Miall, Curator
Clemence Williams, Director / Composer
Joel Pearlman, Film Distributor
Tori Ferguson
Deborah Howlett
Adrian Enright
Kate Hagar, Production Manager
Cate Fowler
Geoffrey Hall
Cath Fogarty, Gallery And Museum Coordinator
Tracie Mitchell, Artist
April Tafe
Sam Steinle, Camera Assistant
Amber Ma, Television Producer
Justine O'Donnell
Stephen Sheehan, Actor
Aaron Crothers
Abigail Moncrieff, Curator
Candace Wise
Deanne Weir, Producer
Jeremy Grogan
Christopher James Baker, Actor
Robyn Morrison
Greg Ricketson, Producer
Deborah Eastwood, Production Accountant
William O'Toole, Financial Controller
Margot Nash, Filmmaker
Scott Gray, Film Editor
Mitch Green, Director
Kerrith Sowden
Di Smith, Actor
Emma Jamvold, Assistant Director
Max Gettler, Actor
Mark Denning, Designer
Kirsten Williams, Business Owner
Antonia Barnard, Production
Gary Jones, Art Director
Jamie Bolger, Producer
Rebecca O'Brien, Director
Kirsten Veysey
Wizzy Molineaux, Make-up Artist
Gillian Moody, Producer
Lisa Mann, Agent
Lucy Durack, Actress
Brianna La Rance, Writer
Rebecca Cohen
Majhid Heath, Producer
Courtney Botfield
David Trethewey
Chris Hearn, Production Executive
Jules Wurm, Camera Assistant
David Field, Actor Director Musician
John Doyle, Writer/Performer
Bethany Bruce, Producer
Heidi Jackson, Painter
Kish Selva
Saskia Carr
Victoria Treole
Nicki Martin, Marketing Manager
Hannah Richardson, Designer
Mia Timpano
Jacinta Waters, Manager
Jim Fishwick, Curator
Drew Bailey, Producer
Josephine Skinner, Art Space Director
James Woolley
Christy Shelper, Circus Performer
Kerry Luxford, Travel Agent For Film Industry
Catherine Durr, Production Executive
Sam Lake
Barbara Passmore
Thais Mello
Geoff Gaynor, Travel Consultant
Serena Brennan, TV Producer
Rebecca Normand
Lily Rolfe, Production Crew
Jesse Flavell, Manager
Blaz Trlin, Accounts Payable
Andrew Keshan, Makeup & Hair/Wigs
Dejay Vi Nguyen, Producer
Alex Williams, Actor
Ange Lavey-Manche, Production Manager
John Hughes
Patricia Shelper
Esther Cahill-Chiaroni, Programme Director
Barbara Masel
Michael Brindley, Screenwriter
Michael Gupta, Filmmaker
John O'connell, Sound Recordist
Helen Shelper
Steve Foy
Sandra Levy, Producer
Skyler Denning, Dancer
Sushi Carswell, Film Travel Coordinator
Mariana Fajardo
Amanda Lawton
Marisa Nathar, Writer
Paula Jensen
Penny Anne Garner
Benjamin Gilmour, Film Director
Daniela Fornasaro
Kristin Voumard, Film Technician
Melina Burns, Script Supervisor
Alice Mccredie-Dando
Marieka Walsh, Director
Fiona Potter, Travel Manager
Damian De Montemas, Actor
Oksana Sokol, Script Supervisor
Ricki-Lee Poglits
H.K (Heng) Tang, Filmmaker
Carla De Menezes Ribeiro
Nicholas Coghlan, Actor
Isabel Macmaster, Actor
Cameron Hooper, Agent Assistant
Lucy Lovegrove, Actor
Alinta Chidzey, Actor, Musician
Lorraine Ashdown, Travel Agent To The Film & Tv Industries
Aljin Abella, Actor
Blake Davis, Actor
David Woods, Actor, Writer & Director
Catherine Poulton, Agent
Phillip Mcinnes, Actor
Hannah Lagudah, Actor
Victoria Keenan
Kate Mulvany, Actor, Writer
Louis Corbett, Actor
Christian Barbeitos, Camera Assist
Marg Horwell, Designer
Frazer Bull-Clark, Filmmaker
Marleena Forward, Filmmaker
Gemma Crofts, Screenwriter
Michele Armstrong, Producer
Melissa Maclean, TV Producer
Tony Briggs
Caitlin French, Teacher
Charles Alexander, Cinematographer
Brendan Shelper, Ceo / Creative Director
Stefan Duscio
Thomas Blackburne, Actor
George Ginis, Actor & Musician
Ruby Wells, Coustumier & Student
Elle Barton
Jenny Hicks, Film Editor
Darci Mcdonald, Actor
Fiona Mowat, Art Museum
Indiana Tali
Tuuli Forward, Film Producer
Matt Smith, Creative
Brooke Morris, Props Master
Pete Nicholson
Sam Merryfield
Anna Den Hartog, Actor
Marian Macgowan, Film And Television Producer
Fran Schwartz, Artist
Deborah Cox, Writer/Producer
Sarah Wiegard
Sarah Bishop, Actor & Director
Kelly Doley, Artist
Robert Barr
John Connell, Writer/Director
Natalie Beak, Production Designer
David Chalmers, Creative
Peter Crombie, Editor
Alecia Elkington, Advertising
Polly Smyth, Writer
Sean Doyle, Information Tech In The Arts
Kate Murray, Communications Manager
Martine Rousset
Eileen Howat, Librarian
Katia Nizic, Producer
Karen Joseph, Editor
Louisa Kqiku
David Fairhurst, Director
Simone Nicholson
Susan Prior
Julia Webster
Thom Neal
Linda Micsko, Producer
Bogdan Nacu
Keely Macarow
Denise Bryant, Artist
Martin Mcgrath, Director Of Photography
Lisa Byrnes
Paul Mason, Musician
Joyce Kornblatt, Writer
Ben Hackworth, Filmmaker
Kerry Phillips
Tanya Jackson-Vaughan, Sound Recordist
Ruby Mathers, Production Designer
Bryn Hammond, Writer
Jo Alley
Philip Purcell, Sound Engineer
Christine Du Fresne, Yoga Teacher And Painter
Chips Mackinolty, Writer, Visual Artist
Elizabeth Mary Moore, Production Designer
Katja Jezewski
Liam Egan
Clare Stewart
Penny Farrow, Director, Writer, Performer
Julie Akerholt, Sound Editor
Lara Birch, Make-up Artist
Adrian Wills, Director
Susan Mcglynn, Teacher
Liam Branagan
Steven Mcgregor
Ruth Borgobello, Director
Davide Giusto, Producer
Justine Kerrigan
Tim Gruchy, Artist
Greg Ingram
Mirrah Foulkes, Actor
Martin Simpson, Writer/Director
Tracie Aylmer
David Pledger, Artist, Curator
Michael Mccall, Actor/Director
Robert James, Guitarist With Ganggajang
Nicola Tyndale-Biscoe, Filmmaker
Cynthia Jones, Visual Artist
Lisa Hensley, Actor
Simon Edwards, Advertising
Sophie O'Brien
Petrice Graham
Melanie Coombs, Producer
Patricia Rigby, Producer
Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Filmmaker
Maya Cryer
Nicole Duffy, Visual Artist
Amanda Duthie
Jenny Neighbour
Karen Radzyner, Producer
Ida Montagner
Gay Thew
Renee Melbourne, Distribution
Mark Cornish, Sound Mixer
Ishtar Cavagnino, Set Decorator
Armagan Ballantyne, Filmmaker
Elizabeth Graetz, Television Editor
Colin Cairnes
Mark Joffe, Director/Producer
Hunter Smith, Writer
Thomas Smith, Building Surveyor
Lois Randall, Producer
C Jamieson
Sophia Colling
Danika Anderson, Social Worker
Samuel Hodge, Artist
Zana Fraillon, Author
Jasmine Waters
Sabina Hunter
Angie Hanke
Alexandra Lee
Zoë Barry, Musician, Composer
Andrew Dufresne
Thomas Read
Nehal Dalgliesh
Partho Sen-Gupta, Screenwriter & Director Of Slam
Antonetta Russo
Nicholas Beauman, Film Editor
Karen Borger, Director
Suzanne Burow, Engineer
Lisa Pownall, Artist, Interior Designer, Set Designer
Bronte P Caroline Biesse
Ben Peek, Author
Melanie Easton, Director/Producer
Michele Walker, Makeup Artist
Nicole Lazaroff, Sound
Cherie Nowlan, Director
Belinda Mravicic
Nathan Wild, Editor
Burr Dodd, Company Director, Philanthropist, Writing Book
Sunday Emerson Gullifer, Filmmaker
Sara Jones, Producer
Jackson Gallagher, Actor
Jeremy Sims, Director/Actor
Jolyon Hoff, Filmmaker
Maz Smith, Producer
Boyd Quakawoot
Louise Wakefield, Costume Designer
Liz Hoyle, Filmmaker
Cathy Bray, Poet
Adrian Chiarella
Peter Allen, Lecturer And Filmmaker
Sharyn Barton
Adele Durno, Makeup Artist
Tony Murtagh, Sound Post
Hanady Touchan
Jon Lindsay, Photographer
Linda Connolly, Arts Administration
Rick Lowell, Paintographer
Sarah Butler, Arts Management
Lisa Hoppe, Writer-producer
Barbara Grealy
Graeme Isaac, Film Producer
Graeme Curran
Sonia Borella, Producer
Jason Bath, Producer
Ali Ramsay
Julietta Boscolo, Director
Andy Postle, Location Sound Mixer
Angelo Salamanca, Film Maker
Rachel Perkins, Filmmaker
Jon Allingham, Circus Artist
Alexandra Harrison, Artist
Kate Davis
Marnie Palomares
Marisa Purcell, Artist
Kat Collins
George Saad, Tv Producer
Luke Mynott, Sound Designer
Emma Serjeant, Circus Artist
Madeleine Antoine, Musician
Guang Rong Lu Action
Emma Valente, Director
Sophia Burns
Susana Beiro-Shelper, Dancer
Helena Stace Retired, Nurse
Faye Stevens
Timothy Lee, Writer
Britta Meyer, Photographer
Joel Plunkett
Ambika Taylor
Dominic Briscomb
Tom Zubrycki
Tricia Dearborn, Poet/Writer
Rhian Bird
Jonathan Buckels, Creative Director
Kathryn Niesche, Performer, Teacher
Steve Grimwade, Events
Leesa Clift
Anna Pavincich
Jason Richter, Carpenter
Sarah Clarke, Actor
Kate Ferguson
Michael Lucas, Screenwriter
Sylvia Patcas
Erika Brosig
Louise Clark, Circus Performer
Virginia Duigan, Writer
Mark Ayson, Potter, Researcher
Ben Daniel
Loretta Egan, Costume Designer
Nicci Ardley, Cheerleading Coach
Sue Broadway, Director/Performer
Diana Holt Singer, Actor
Craig Bary, Dancer
Natalie Harris
Matthew Le Nevez, Actor
Andrea Ousley, Circus
Scott Mcburnie, Circus Performer
Joan Pratt
Lily Goodfellow, Dancer
Daniel Mcburnie, Performer
Hareth Tayem, Photographer
Andrew Quinn, Self Employed
Celia White, Director
Jon Buckels
Jon Vontolken, Actor
Sally Richter, Dancer, Teacher
Clare Reynolds, Singer
Virginia Gordon
Lara Masselos, Film Maker
Jonathan Mill, Actor
Brad Cleary, Producer / Director
Melanie Lane, Choreographer
Rhianna Malezer
Kat Stewart, Actor
Spenser Inwood, Circus Performer
Louise Galligan, Art Department
Luke Jeffery
Damian Callinan, Comedan, Actor, Writer
Jill Horton
Luciana Rodriguez, ESL Teacher
Felicitas Willems, Producer & Project Manager
Steve Arnold, Cinematographer
M Taylor
Kiki Dillon, Producer
Jayne Tuttle, Writer
Deborah Ghuliani, Presenter
Matt Carroll Film, Producer
Kirsty Mcgregor, Casting Director
Steve Andrews, Assistant Director
Roland Dr. Hahnel, Retired Medical Scientist
Rick Kalowski, Television Executive
Dimitri Ellerington, Production
Narelle Lewis, Producer
Vivien Altman, Producer/Director
Stephen Banham, Writer
Sophie Hattch
Clare Danaher
Matt Davis, Musician
Sunita Dhaliwal
Ashleigh Knott, Producer
Britta Hartmann
P Tracy, Storeman
Dan Wyllie
Georgina Thompson
Brooke Leeder, Choreographer
Stephen Mccallum, Director
Michaeley O'Brien, Screenwriter
Chris Woods, Writer
Pete Star
Florencia Lamarca, Therapist
Shontell Leah Ketchell
Deborah Antoniou
Ellen Grow
Dominique Kubacki, Teacher
Emily Hua
Bec Smith, Agent
Matt Mckillop, Creative Director
Chloe Pisco, Director
Ned Lander, Producer
Alonna Scott
Stephen Gray
Andy Macdonald, Architect
Colleen Clarke, Post Production
Sam Hobbs, Production Designer
Emma Dodd, Arts Producer
Simo Soo, Musician
Karen Harborow, Production Designer
Tony Campbell, Art Director
Michelle Tilden, Youth Development Officer
Kathryn Fleming, Theatrical Agency Business Owner
Angelica Mesiti, Artist
Magda Wozniak, Writer
Charlotte Seymour
Jane Welch, Documentary Editor
Jamie Craigie, Writer
Dean Bradley, Photographer
Richard Harris, Filmmaker
Becky Hicks, Dancer
Brodie Cornish, Actor
Wendy Howell, Artist Manager
Karen Smith
Candice Cranmer, Media Conservator
Ella Millard, Producer
Indira Naidoo
Michael Mcmahon, Screen Content Producer And Educator
Avan Whiate
Katie Hill
Warren Cross, Consultant
Nigel Jamieson, Theatre Director
Miro Bilbrough, Filmmaker, Teacher, Poet
Paula Bennetto
Natasha Marich, Stage Manager
Greg Patten, Musician
Paul Ranford, Producer
Julia Wilson
Alexander England, Actor
Jane Mccredie, Writer
Susan Ostling, Arts Worker
Louisa Kors, Line Producer
James Fraser, Actor
Peter Duncan
Stef Smith, Writer/Director
Anita Hegh, Actor
Ian Darling, Documentary Filmmaker
Nikita Leigh-Pritchard
Simon Price, Film Editor
Paola Morabito, Director
Catrina Sturmberg
Brodie Macpherson, Manager
Ella Prince, Actor
Catherine Grant, Musician
Melissa Mundi, Producer
Zoe Pinard, Director Of A Circus School
Daniel Joyce, Media Producer
Erin Davis-Hartwig, Artist
Barbara Gibbs
Kathryn Dubay
Victoria Woolley, Stage Manager/Technical Administrator
Anne Gazzard
Miriam Shevland, Landscape Architect
Donna Andrews, Producer
Anna Grieve, Producer
Julia Zemiro, Performer / Artistic Director
Rina Ferris, Publicist
Mark Phillips
Josh Pearson, Sound Engineer, Composer
Murray Vanderveer
Ladis Sosa
Timothy Hobart, Writer
Kim Chapman, Production Manager
Jamie Hediger, Colourist
Michael White, Actor
Victoria Walton, Makeup Artist
Saskia Carr
Angie Fielder, Film And TV Producer
Joshua Longhurst, Producer
Fayssal Bazzi, Actor
Carole Ferrier, Emeritus Professor, University Of Queensland
Tina Bursill
Brian Lipson, Theatre Maker
Alice Heyward, Dancer-choreographer
Lizzie Thomson, Choreographer
Deanne Butterworth, Choreographer & teacher
Julie Rigg
Joe Petty
Allison Parsons
Andrew Robertson
Autiak Aweteek
Bernie Holstegge
Brendan Shaw
Claudia Graham
David Tiley
Emma Powivk
Gabby Sutherland
Janine Issa
Jillian McEwan
Josh Sambono
Lesa McMaster
Mel Avanzado
Michael Amendolia
Pearl Berry
Rasata Knight
Robert Mackenzie
Simon Williams
Tom Robb
Wayne Young
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